The City That Never Sleeps

This name is soooo true for NYC.  As we found out when we tried to sleep there last night.

Woke up suddenly at 2:30 am, and was curious to see how the city looked at night.  Looked down from our 16th floor hotel room window onto Times Square and saw jam-packed gridlocked traffic.  Hundreds of taxis (honking and all), a double decker sightseeing tour bus (filled with tourists), and numerous pedestrians scurrying around at that late hour.  Truly an amazing sight!

In our 12 years of living in NJ, this was our first time sleeping over in NYC.  Not having to get back to Penn Station to catch that train back home at night (when you are already tired from walking around the whole day) makes a HUGE difference to the experience.  Some highlights of our mini-getaway (Warning: foodie journal coming up):

  • Discovered a fantastic Ethiopian Restaurant, Meske.  Ethiopian is one of our favorite cuisines – in fact, the only one that all four of us can agree to without coming to blows.  Of all the Ethiopian restaurants that we have been to (East and West coasts of the US included) – and we have been to a loooot of those – Meske is the one to beat.  Absolutely delicious food!  I know that we’ll be going back there the next time we are in the city.
  • Our hotel had a free cupcake decorating activity going on (courtesy of Magnolia Bakery) just as we were walking in to get dressed for dinner.  Me and the chickis (not ones to pass up on such activities) decorated our cupcakes with plenty of buttercream and sugar flower toppings (yum!).  N manfully held out till we got on the elevator.  At which point, close quarters with the cupcakes and our yummy noises proved too much for him, I guess.  He succumbed as well.  Pre-dinner dessert – what a concept!  Mmmmm….
  • Lounged around like a local at The Strand after dinner, reading until the wee hours (ok, till 9:30 pm).
  • Went to Sarabeth’s across from Central Park for Mother’s Day brunch and saw a loooooong line waiting for seating.  Resigned ourselves to waiting in line for a half hour or more, and went to the hostess to get on her list.  She had our table ready for us in a minute, even though we didn’t have reservations or anything!  Could not understand how this happened (looks like the planets were all aligned this trip!).
  • Worked off the excellent brunch (and buckets of coffee) by walking around central park for the next couple of hours (and riding carousels, climbing rocks, and buying balloons).
  • Since we didn’t get enough food on this trip, stopped by Laduree and picked up some delicious macarons to carry to school for snack next week.

Was a really fun mini-trip.  If you live in the area, do stay over the next time you visit the city.  You’ll be sure to have a blast! 🙂


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