My Favorites

I have been blogging for a year and a half now.  Have been meaning for a while to pull together a list of my favorite posts – ones that are closer to my heart, ring truer to me, or delight me more than the rest.  I have said before that my blog is my baby.  Does a mom have a favorite child?  Well.  She might, if she had over a 100 babies.  Just saying.  So, without (even more) preamble, here’s my list of favorites:

  • Fractional Weights
  • One Year Later
  • Forty Two
  • Religion
  • An Erstwhile Tomboy
  • A Decade of Motherhood
  • Sweet Talk
  • Peaceful Schools
  • My First Day Near The Eiffel Tower
  • Don’t Tip My Bucket
  • 39
  • What a Crock
  • Tiger Mom
  • Vedachala Gardens
  • Changes

I would provide hyperlinks to the posts here, if I weren’t soooo lazy or technologically challenged (different kind of engineer, dude!).  So, here’s hoping that you are more enterprising than me, and manage to find my favorites from the Archives.

Happy (Re)-reading! 🙂


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