My First Day Near The Eiffel Tower

~ By a 7 year old guest blogger

I looked up.  I saw the Eiffel Tower!  It was HUGE! It was made of metal.  I saw elevators and I thought it would touch the clouds.  I didn’t think the Eiffel Tower would be so big! It was a HUGE surprise! The big surprise is, I never went to Paris or the Eiffel Tower before! So, that is a double surprise!

Near the Eiffel Tower, I saw a little carousel.  I was a little curious about the carousel.  So we went to the carousel and we needed to pay 4 euros to get tickets.  The carousel made music.  “La, la, laaaaaaaa!” went the carousel.  I was so excited that I jumped up and shouted “Let’s GO!”.  I went on a spinning thing on the carousel and the carousel finally started.  I was getting dizzy! I was going so fast, that, when I got off, I looked like a top.  CRASH!  I banged into my mommy, when I saw my sister was sitting on a chair and pedaling a wheel.  Watching the wheel made me dizzyer than the carousel, but I didn’t really care, so I tried it out.  “Uh, ih!” The chair was very far from the wheel.  So it was kind of hard, but I got it.

When I finished pedaling, I noticed a little cotton candy store.  Cotton candy in French is Barbe a Papa, I told my mom and dad.  I said, “After we get cotton candy, we can climb the Eiffel Tower.”  My mom had two reasons why we could not climb the Eiffel Tower.  She said, “One, we can’t bring cotton candy.  It might fall on the floor.  Two, it is getting very late.”  I said, “Can we go tomorrow?”  My mom said, “No.  Tomorrow we are leaving.”  I said, “Okay.”  So, we got into a taxi, and we went to our hotel.

The End.


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