Kite Festival

  • Made and flew kites (was heartening to see that pre-made kites didn’t fly any better than the ones we made ourselves)
  • Ate veggie chili, apple cider donuts (yum!), and brought apple pies and local grown honey (and honeycombs) home
  • Got face painting done (well, little A did)
  • Went on a wagon ride (to nowhere) around the farm
  • Fought and bickered for a while (all four of us) – non-flying kites and flying tempers can do that to you šŸ˜‰
  • Made up just as quickly
  • Saw horses, donkeys, chicken, and turtles
  • Wanted to pick strawberries and were told to come back in a couple of weeks (picking season’s a laggard this year, just like spring)


  • Had very few sniffles despite peak allergy season (wooooohooooo!!)

Looks like the planets were all aligned today. Ā A delightful spring day indeed!


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