Dinner out at The Metro North Grill was v. good.  In the interest of trying new things, ordered an espresso with Amaretto and steamed milk.  “Amaretto”, mmmm… sounds like some kind of exotic biscotti, I thought to myself with satisfaction.  Caught N and little N (ardent Iron Chef watchers) sniggering that Amaretto was actually almond liquer and hence, alcohol.  Ignored them and drank the espresso down to the last drop.  After all, badam paruppu.  What liquour will come from that?  Plus, it looked and tasted just like regular coffee, especially to one who had lost all capacity to taste with all the allergy mongering in the past week.

Still, felt pangs on the drive back and googled Amaretto.  After all, I have paraded around for years wagging index finger at people that offered me an alcoholic drink – “How dare you ask Rajagopala Iyer’s peythi if she wants a drink?!”  Hmmmm…. looks like that jambam has lasted all of 39 years.  Not sure how I feel about semi-accidentally getting my first (and hopefully only) taste of alcohol.  Especially that it was v. uneventful and not that different from digaashan kaapi.  What is all the fuss over alcohol about then?  V. disturbed.  But not planning to find out by thulping full bottle of Amaretto or peanut liquor or anything else that’s out there.

Ptch, trying new things is very trying!  😦


5 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. What? Not even campaign? Tsk tsk. Where does Sri Rajagopala Iyer got to do with it man? My dude got me non-alcoholic wine for V-Day and I refused to talk to him for a week.

    • No champagne either. The Rajagopala Iyer reference is only selectively given to those who understand it, so rest assured it is relevant indeed (won’t get into detailed explanation here)!

  2. well you may try red wine, maybe a dry red bordeaux…it’s good for the complexion and health overall. After all these years, am still a teet-O-taller except for the odd glass of red wine, champagne and brandied cherry icecream from haagen daaz….

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