Hay fever has gone haywire. 😦  Bloody pollen flying everywhere.  Was at the Princeton Communiversity festival last sunday.  BAD IDEA.  Spent most of the time standing around on a beautiful spring day sneezing continuously for a hundred times (sadly, no exaggeration there!), and ducking into the local CVS to pick up allergy meds.  Suck fest.  Waiting for June (operating under the premise that April showers, May flowers and associated s&^% will all be done by then).  Just a tad bitter, can you tell?

Horrendously busy and intense week at work that I am happy to see the end of.  Checking out a new restaurant tonight (surprise! – the two little homebodies somehow magically agreed to step out of the house for dinner).  Soooo looking forward to it!

Watched “Two Days in Paris” last night (can you tell I am already missing ma belle?).  Was a ton of laughs (though lots of it was adult humor).  Looking forward to finishing the movie tonight, and watching the related (and newer) “Two Days in New York” as well this weekend.

It’s N’s (big) birthday next friday.  I had always promised him that I will get him the wheels of his choice as a present for the big four oh (after all, four oh seemed faaaar away when I promised).  Like Kaikeyi reminding Dasharatha of long forgotten promises, N reminded me of my promise earlier this week.  Plus, our twelve year old blue Acura (named by us as “Bakoda” – what can I say, we didn’t have kids back then) is running with 215K miles under its belt.  More importantly, Bakoda will likely not pass the vehicle inspection coming up this month, and any repairs will certainly cost more than Bakoda’s market value at this time.  Seems verrrry likely that N will indeed get his new wheels.  Just in time to avert any midlife crisis.  Unless, of course, our faithful Bakoda surprises us at the DMV.  Time will tell.

Little A’s piano concert is tomorrow.  Can’t wait to watch and hear my munchkin play on stage for the first time ever. 🙂

Planning to go to a local farm for a kite festival on sunday.  What did you learn from the Communiversity sneezathon, you ask?  Not much, apparently.  The kite festival at the farm is a once a year thing, and I am just not going to let allergy season ruin it all for me.  Hopefully, a double dose of Zyrtec and several boxes of Kleenex, will successfully tide me over.  Wish this optimistic chick luck. 

Happy Friday!


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