Learnt several things this weekend that I will share with you (and only you).

  • Kids LOVE to help with household chores!  The sooner you discover this, the better your life will be.  Instead of folding mountain after mountain of laundry while N was spring cleaning our family room, I enlisted two ladies to help (the younger of whom was asking to watch TV for a half hour – for the third time today).  This is the first time that I’ve done this (I know – soooo many years squandered away, no?  Still, better late than never.).  Both were not only willing but were also quite eager to help – the laundry is all done now, and I had a really fun time chatting with them about everything under the sun.  Win win!
  • Edamame ROCKS!!  Once you start eating a little healthier than before (ahem, that would be me), it is quite tough to go back to snacking on greasy stuff.  Not only is greasy stuff bad for you (duh, you say?), it actually tastes terrible when you eat it after going without for a while.  Boiled a bucket of edamame for snack this afternoon and totally loved it!  Going this evening to the local Asian market for more.
  • If you announce on your blog that allergies have not found you this year, the very next day, you will start sneezing and wheezing, and itching your eyes out (perhaps tree pollen reads my blog closely and decided to teach me a lesson?).
  • Instead of croaking yourself hoarse trying to practice Bharatanatyam with your child, it is much more productive (and a LOT easier on yourself) to invite your child’s (older) friend over to review the lesson with her.  The little one learns the lesson quicker, both your kids have an impromptu playdate with their friend (after dance practice), and you and hubby have a quiet mid-morning cup of masala chai together.  More win win!

Hmmmm… with all this win win, maybe I should buy myself a lottery ticket at the Asian market? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Learnings

  1. Discovered the laundry team joy a few months ago – the little one is SO good at it which has compelled Big Brother Butterfingers speed up his act 😀 More ideas you can try:
    Unloading dishes
    Transferring washer load to dryer (phew! easy way to keep either one occupied for 15 mins and while they are at it can they please count numbers in mother tongue?)

    Now, do trade your secret about how to get them to actually enjoy cooking breakfasts n delicacies please……..?

  2. Children are as different as they can be. I enlist my kid for such jobs too, and she does them under extreme duress. Children’s attitude probably reflects the mother’s own attitude to the chores, I suspect.

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