Pollen counts are screaming high this week, with the most active tree pollen source being “sweet gum” trees.  What a cute name for those rascals!  Last year, by this time, I was scratching my itchy eyes out, popping Allegra-D like candy, and had been popping them for over a month.  And was generally avoiding the outdoors like the plague.  This year, I am only noticing slight headaches this week.  But that is probably because I lost my kannadi while on vacation and haven’t bothered to get a new pair yet.  No sniffles or itchy scratchy eyes yet (fingers crossed).  Went walking outside for a half hour at lunch time yesterday amidst pollen blowing everywhere (yes, brave heart!!) and also walked after dinner with N and the kids (before you get too impressed – the after dinner walk was to the local yogurt joint for dessert).  I am holding up pretty good so far.  Could it be that I am finally outgrowing the spring allergies after 15 years of sniffling?  Please tell me it is so.  I feel a spring in my step this week with the warmer weather.  Will be soooo nice to be outdoors this early in the year without sneezing and wheezing.  Hmmmm… hope it’s not the case that, like spring this year, spring allergies are also just arriving a month behind schedule.  Well.  Time will tell (ooooh, rhyming!  Haven’t rhymed in a while.).  Wish me luck!

Had a really fun weekend.  Met up with different groups of friends on both saturday and sunday to celebrate Varusha Pirappu, and enjoyed a ton of great food and lots of laughs.  Should do this more often!

Find myself looking forward to little A’s Bharatanatyam lessons even more these days.  Vambu with other moms has increased so much over the past few weeks that classes these days feel like ladies nights out.  Except when Mrs. T is really yelling at one of the kids – especially when it happens to be your own kid – then you just have to stop the chatter and look appropriately apologetic for your child’s inadequate practicing.  Still, little A and I are both having a ton of fun with dance class these days (although not sure how much little A will agree with this assessment, especially since the class ends way past her bedtime on some days).

Of late, little N has taken to cooking dinner for herself on most nights.  Sweet corn soup, ravioli and gnocchi made from scratch (I kid you not) were some recent creations.  And desserts for the rest of us (had yummy home-made vanilla bean ice cream and pudding made by the chicki this week).  Went to the library yesterday enroute to the yogurt place and borrowed books on “Indian Vegetarian Cooking” by Sanjeev Kapoor and another book full of cupcake recipes.  Have strategically placed these books around the house where I know little N will find them.  Hopefully some delightful cupcakes are coming my way soon (yes, shameless, I know).

V tells me she has started swimming lessons.  I am soooo impressed by her motivation, energy, and “can do” attitude.  Especially at this advanced age (hahahahaa, couldn’t resist).  😉  Jokes aside, I really am impressed since I am too lazy and filled with inertia to ever attempt such a thing.  Good luck, V.  Hope the swimming lessons go swimmingly!

Zenning is coming along so beautifully that I am not even talking about it these days.  Actually, not entirely true.  A couple of days back, found myself responding in a calm and poised manner to something that would have made me hopping mad a year back.  N noticed the difference in me too.  Unfortunately, he had to listen the rest of the evening to my gloating about how super duper I was doing with my zenning.  Still, gloating or not, zenning is becoming easier.  And I really do think the face in the mirror looks calmer and more peaceful these days.  If I say so myself. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Advanced age huh? Pls remember you are only 1 year 9 months younger to me!!!! I didn’t make any promises to myself about the Zenning thing, so can afford to sound offended 🙂 Swimming lessons are going well and I’m actually enjoying them. My goal is to swim like a fish at least by the end of the year ( I give myself plenty of time 🙂 )

    Was thinking of making a visit to Buchart gardens when you are here……so make sure you have taken care of your allergies by then and are well enough to make that trip!

  2. The good thing about growing old is that you outgrow those pesky allergies. Have you ever seen an eighty year old with pollen allergy? You’ll get there soon enough 😉
    N cooks? Whoa. Can I borrow her?

    • The good thing about growing old is that you outgrow those pesky allergies. Have you ever seen an eighty year old with pollen allergy? You’ll get there soon enough 😉
      N cooks? Whoa. Can I borrow her?

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