What’s Your Travel Style?

We’ve gone on a few trips in the past year, some with friends.  People have such distinctive travel personalities, which could actually be quite different from their regular personalities (and could surprise you big time).  After all, there are so many choices when you travel.  And the more the number of people involved, the lesser are the chances of consensus, right?  Do you sight-see or not sight-see?  Do you want to sleep in or be out and about bright and early? Do you eat long leisurely meals or grab and go (and do more sight-seeing)? Can everybody – moms, dads, and kids – all stand each other?  It is v. amazing to me that multiple families can travel together (and come back and still stay friends).  Still trying to figure this one out. 😉

Personally, I like to err on the side of doing (somewhat) more.  Although, I have been surprised by travel companions (not N or the kids) that wanted to do waaaay more than even I thought was humanly possible.  Which sent me running in the opposite direction, and just made me want to lie down and veg out in the hotel room all day.  My ideal vacation would be to see as much of the local sights as I can everyday before my feet fall off, savor the local (vegetarian) food, wander around and shop at local street markets (mmmm….), visit local bookstores, and just soak it all in.  I would certainly do the long and leisurely meals, though – after all, I am a foodie.  I could lie by the pool or the beach for maybe one day on a week’s vacation.  But for not much longer than that.  At that point, it has to at least be a different beach or pool.

So, tell me.  What’s your travel style – Mellow or maniacal (or somewhere in the middle)?  Should we plan a trip together? 😉


4 thoughts on “What’s Your Travel Style?

  1. I totally agree with you about what goes into planning trips with other families. Mine frankly depends on the destination. In a place like DisneyWorld, I’d do the back to back rides, shows thingy from dawn till you drop types. If its Goa-ish I’ll do the laid back itinerary.

  2. Mellow would be me. I don’t prefer going on trips with other families. Somehow I end up being too guarded to let my hair down.

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