This is the longest that I have gone without writing in the 16 months since I started blogging.  Over three whole weeks.  We were away on vacation for the kids’ spring break, and to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Had such an amazing time!  Maybe I’ll write about it sometime, huh? 

Cannot believe that N and I have been married for 15 years.  I mean, I always thought it was those oldies that celebrated such milestones.  And yet, here we are.  The passage of time is truly an amazing thing.  In the 23 years that I have known N for (even more OMG!!), I can honestly say that he’s one of the most thoughtful and fair-minded people that I have come cross.  He’s a wonderful hands-on dad, does a ton of cool stuff with the girls, and is actually the stricter parent among the two of us (yes, this surprises me too!).  It’s been a wonderful 15 years.  I feel v. blessed. 🙂

Watched Kadal in three installments over the past week.  A third of the movie is all I could handle at a time.  As I ranted on FB earlier this week, Mani Rathnam should really get off of good versus evil, and get back to feel good movies like Mouna Ragam.  Getting v. fed up of his recent much-hyped under-performing offerings.  Suhasini: Idhellam ongaathu mamakku sollaradhu illaya?  And, that Radha’s daughter – she is only 16 years old?  Really?? Sorry, but I thought she looked at least 10 years older.

Can you believe that we haven’t started our taxes yet?  This is v. unusual.  We are both not last minute people at all.  Anyway, have big plans to wrap it up this weekend (vera vazhi?).  Well.  Actually, N will.  I plan to support his efforts with masala chai and bhel puri, and by staying out of his way.  Hmmmm…. even better, maybe I will go bowling with the girls while he does taxes.  Good idea, no?

Temperature next week is supposed to be in the 60s and will touch 70 deg F on tuesday.  Even though it is a day in the office for me with a MAJOR client meeting, I am pretty excited.  Fed up of wishy-washy mild weather.  I am already ready for summer!

Dinner with a friend on saturday just got canceled.  I am not complaining. Secretly, maybe even a tad pleased. Che, v. anti-social, no? But, it’s been a busy week at work on the heels of too much fun.  Looking forward to a nice weekend with no major plans.  Well, except for that minor issue of completing tax returns.  Details, details.

Happy Thursday and a wonderful weekend to you!


4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Welcome back. Happy anniversary to you and N. May you become even older oldies together…in fact much much older oldies. No post about the trip?

  2. So eager to hear all about Europe! Want to to hear what the girls thought…… Wishing you guys many more years of happiness together 🙂 Relax and have a great weekend – mine is lined up with guests :/ !

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