Madras, nalla Madras…

Yes, I know it’s been called Chennai for the past 17 years.  But that was after my time. When I still lived there, it was called Madras, and that’s what it will always be to me. My favorite Madras memories (in no particular order)

  • Mallipoo
  • Mandavelli
  • Mambazham
  • Mathura
  • Busvaanam
  • Green PTC buses
  • Kapaleeswarar kovil
  • Kalyanams
  • Kathri veyyil
  • K. Chitti’s “kushboo” idlies
  • Mottai maadi
  • Madisaru paati
  • Mini drafter
  • Mor molagai
  • Manga thokku
  • Mount road
  • Vaira thodu
  • Vijaya book store
  • Woodlands drive-in
  • Oonjal
  • Oliyum oliyum
  • Shimmis
  • Choppu
  • Aavin paalgova
  • Annapoorna
  • Ayodhya mandapam
  • Amma’s office
  • Little calculator in Amma’s office
  • Marina beach
  • Sundal at the beach
  • Shilpi
  • Sundaram
  • Pamposh
  • Pullaiyar kodai
  • Pattu pavadai
  • Alsa mall
  • Pondy bazaar
  • Ranganathan street
  • Delhi appalam
  • “Idayathai thirudathe” dress
  • Trade fair
  • Gandhi mandapam
  • Mysore sandal soap
  • Cycle rickshaw
  • IIT library

What are some of your favorite Madras memories?


5 thoughts on “Madras

    • Ooooooh, no way!! Small world! That’s the same Shilpi. Met the owner last time. Very pleasant looking and gracious lady (who did frankly say when I was trying out outfits that no way was I a “small” but perhaps I could try to fit into a “medium”).

      Adutha vaati, will look for big discounts there using U’s name! 🙂

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