The Best Laid Plans

This is a week of meetings for me.  Headed out to a client’s office during a light drizzle this morning armed with my staples – egg and cheese on an everything bagel and medium coffee (with extra sugar).  America runs on Dunkin’?  Absolutely, machi!

Somehow, this morning had a weird energy to it.  The GPS was cranky and threatened to die out on me multiple times as I was driving.  Reached scenic Camden an hour later, and drove around in pouring rain for 15 minutes before realizing that I had GPSed my client’s address incorrectly.  First reaction to this mistake?  Surprise (What? I made a mistake?).  Cocky, no?  Anyway.  Drove around for another half an hour looking for a parking spot.  Who knew Camden was actually wannabe NYC?  Finally, found a spot after spinning around one way streets in circles, and parallel parked beautifully (unfortunately, unpleasant memories – of flunking driver’s license test twice in Atlanta due to bloody parallel parking – crowded mind and took away from current precise parking accomplishment).

Ran up to the fourth floor of the high rise, and found suites marked as “Grand Jury”, “Parole Office”, etc. but no sight of my client.  After discrete enquiries, found out that my client had moved to the 13th floor of the same building.  Ok.  This is it, homestretch, right?  Tidied myself up in the rickety ladies room with quirky notes on the wall (“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and clean up the seat”.  Ada chi!), showed up at my client’s office and announced myself to his assistant.  She was profusely apologetic.  Apparently, the client was down with the flu and she had somehow forgotten to cancel the meeting. 

How do you think I felt when I heard that?

Wrong, think again.

Felt nothing at all.  Reassured the assistant that the inconvenience was nothing and left, making myself a note to reschedule the meeting for early March.  If anything, felt a teeny tiny bit pleased with self for not getting frustrated with situation (idhukku onnum korachal illa, you say?).  Before I claim the title of Zen Master, let’s see how my meetings on thursday and friday go. 

Hopefully, those clients have already taken their flu shots.


4 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. I doubt if the lack of frustration had anything to do with zen. Deep inside, you needed that break from routine, and the unexpected ride around the block did it.

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