After resisting Amma’s attempts to get us to try Quinoa for over a year, N and I have recently started experimenting with it.  Something about the impending 4 – 0 that makes one more health-conscious, it seems.  And, seriously, how much white rice can the poor body handle?  Perhaps it was ok when people did more physical work 50 years ago, but that boat’s long gone.  Sitting around at a desk job the whole day AND eating mountains of sambar, rasam, and thayir sadam?  Something’s got to give, right?  Tried a couple of quinoa recipes over the past week, and while the outcome was tolerable, it was nothing to write home about.  Till today.

Made Quinoa pongal this morning.  Came out pretty darn good (If I say so myself, but that’s only because N is at little N’s baskteball game.  I am sure he’ll rave too once he checks it out.).  And, most important, it is waaaay easier to make than the regular pongal (which could come out bumpy and lumpy depending on the mood of the cook – especially in this household), v. yum to taste, and you feel like a pious dieting cat to top it off!! 

Is Quinoa the silver bullet for more weight loss (since I can’t seem to do any exercise)?  I sure hope so!  In the meantime, do send me your favorite recipes for Quinoa (or tempeh, tofu, oats, barley, etc.).  Bring on the health foods – I am ready, baby!!


6 thoughts on “Quinoa

  1. I’ve heard of Quinoa dosa and more such can be churned out from our worldly web of course, but what I am really interested in, is knowing where I can get Quinoa at wholesale prices!! 😀

  2. Madhs- You can get it at Costco. I’ve been eating Quinoa for over a year now and white rice can’t hold a candle to it when it comes to nutrition and taste! Varun just loves it and you can eat it with anything that you eat rice with. Try it 🙂

  3. Quinoa burgers. Recipe here, which I modify (I like it a lil’ spicy, so add red pepper flakes, increase garlic as needed, can add ginger too (for an asian twist), substitute black beans with other kinds of beans or even brown rice to make it a lil’ more chewy and give it a nutty flavor, top with lettuce, grilled tomatoes, caramelized onions, some pepper jack cheese…jeez, I am almost drooling…heehee…i think the pushnika morkozhambu will not be coming out of the fridge tonight!). Have you tried Lapsi ? It is crushed wheat, that you get in Indian stores and is also a good substitute for white rice.

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