I take it back. My recommendation of Woody Allen. Watched “To Rome with Love”. Ugh, what a rambling, pointless movie!  Even what they show of Roma wasn’t that impressive.  V. disappointed.

Watched Kung Fu Panda for the nth time, and totally enjoyed it.  Shifu’s constant quest for inner peace reminds me of myself.  And I’ve always had a thing for Oogway’s pithy sayings: “One often meets his destiny on the road one takes to avoid it.”  My favorite quote from the movie: “There is no secret ingredient.”

Weight loss is at 14 lbs since January 2012.  A measly 1 lb a month, but that’s why it’s been sustainable for me, I guess.  Pretty pleased with self! 🙂

You know the popularity of your idly-molagapodi combo has hit rock bottom when you send it for lunch to school, ask your child in the evening how her lunch was, and she says, “Oh, I gave it away.”  Not even traded, gave it away.

Little A actually ate pav bhaji today, which makes me deliriously happy.  Looks like we have finally graduated from the paruppu sadam and vendakkai curry that we have been eating for the last 7 years straight.  Wooohooo!

Today is a nice sunny (but freezing cold) sunday in February.  Seems like an ideal day to hang out at a bookstore with a chai latte.  After lunch, we offered to take the girls to B & N but told them that we won’t be buying any books today (eliminating clutter in the house and firm parenting – two birds in one stone!).  The two homebodies, however, unanimously decided (which almost never happens) that a trip to B & N with no purchases was not worth their time.  So, N has gone grocery shopping alone, while I sit here (cabin fever struck) typing away.  Hmmmm…. really got to do better with planning our long weekends.

Happy President’s Day! Hope that (like me) you have tomorrow off too!


2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. There was a point in time, as soon as we moved to Amsterdam that Mrityunjay was watching Kung Fu Panda – 1st and 2nd on a repeat mode for almost 4 weeks!!! I also love both these movies actually… Love it when Master Oogway says “There are no accidents…” – short yet profound statement!

  2. I am just so biased towards Allen. I liked even the rambling romance. Although, I agree, it didn’t quite stick on to my head like MIP.
    Honey, you should said thachi mammam to school. It will make them realise the infinite superiority of idly molagapodi.

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