Woody – So Goody

After enjoying Midnight in Paris last week (a year after my friend LG recommended it), decided that Woody Allen movies are really my thing. N & I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona last night. And LOVED it – such a fun movie! Was especially delighted with Penelope Cruz’s spirited performance (I never had her pegged for much and was v. pleasantly surprised). And ooooh, Barcelona and Oviedo – man, what gorgeous places (Hope there’s a vacation at these lovely locales in my future. Mmmm….). Totally recommend the movie (if you’ve been under a rock like me, and haven’t watched it in the past five years).

I am liking the tone of Woody’s movies – smart, people-oriented, thought-provoking, funny, and heart-warming. No violence or fast-paced action, or “Matrix” type needlessly complicated storylines that hurt my head. The locations of his movies don’t hurt either. πŸ˜‰ Planning to watch Match Point next.

Let me know if there are other Woody’s goodys that you liked!

P.S. Remember that pause that I wrote about? Turns out – not pause, machi, but overdose! After announcing a pause, I am churning out a post a day these days. Go figure! N says he’s with LG – “Go with the flow, why overanalyze everything?”

So that’s it, break time is over. I’m back, baby! πŸ™‚


One thought on “Woody – So Goody

  1. I love Woody Allen. Match point is one of his darker movies (the darkest being The purple rose of Cairo). To Rome with :Love is a nice movie. Watch it if you can.
    Now that you have announced break time as being over, I expect a break ! That’s how it usually happens with me.

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