Celebrating two (very different) milestones here today.

1.  My blog turns one today (Happy Birthday!).  102 posts written in a year (this one included).  It’s been a ton of fun!

2.  First day back at school for little A and at work for me after almost a week of the wretched flu.  Totally. draining.  I am sitting here feeling exhausted.  Pleaaaase just let little A have a good day at school today!

Now for some fun flu facts.  What pretense is this, you ask?  You are right.  After all, how much fun can it be when you walk downstairs to the kitchen to get hot water for yourself and the kid – and fall down in a heap on the (hard) kitchen floor because you are too weak to stand for the one minute the microwave takes to heat up the water?  Ugh!!  Still.  There were a few fun things, so here goes:

1. Lost 5.5 lb in the past week.  Woooohoooooo!!!  That was my weight loss goal for the entire year.  As my boss put it when I told him this morning, “the Lord works in mysterious ways”!

2. Little A and I got lots of cuddle time in and wrote lovey notes to each other with eyes closed.  When both are sickies and unable to do much of anything else, there’s no holding back!  Mmmmm….

3a. N stayed home to take care of us on Tuesday (the day of the kitchen fall).  Little A and I were set up in the bedroom upstairs while N was working in the study downstairs.  After yelling for him a few times to bring us hot water (and him not hearing our croaks), little A and I got creative.

3b. Calling N’s cell phone from home phone and saying “two hot bournvitas – room service please” – priceless.  Got my money back on the flu right there. 🙂

Stay warm and stay healthy!


3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Great perspective! Love it that you made the most of it despite sickness n all. Girl, Weight loss n all is fine, but please put back all the nutrients you might have lost! Take care 🙂

  2. 1. Happy Blog birthday.
    2. Don’t gloat over the lbs lost. I lost close to 8 kilos (~16 pounds) in two months thanks to my illness late last year, but put back 6 of the 8 kilos within a few weeks of recovery. Crash weight loss (deliberate or otherwise) don’t work.

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