And Then There Were Two

What inevitably happens when you keep cuddling sick 6 year old who has a raging fever? That’s right.  Two sickies in the house now.  Feeling soooo cooooold even while bundled up in a sweater, socks, and two fleece blankets.  Mind is in a complete mush and runs a mile a minute when I try to catch some zzzzzs – reviewing entire life from when I was three all the way to potential (not entirely unpleasant) scenarios through the end of 2013.  All things considered, little A seems to be more of a poised trooper than self.  N and little N are still hanging in so far (pleeeeease, don’t fall sick too!).  N has made arachuvitta vengaya sambar, potato roast, and podalangai curry for lunch.  Which all looks v. appetizing but somehow I am not able to get past sipping OJ and get started on the eating.

Hmmmm…. looks like sick leave (that I have been too busy to take so far) and fortuitous weight loss are on their way for me this week.  No, I am not saying “bring it on”.  Just want to be done.  Meow.


4 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

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