Floooooo :(

I knew it.  When you write stuff like you are on a “happy hum”, s%$t immediately happens to throw the hum waaaay off the happy.  Little A had been coughing a bit for the past couple of days.  Guiltily sent her to school on friday morning even though she looked a little off (No fever means go to school, right? What’s a working mom to do?).  After feeling heart-in-mouth at work the whole morning, scheduled an appointment to see her doctor friday afternoon.  The harried doctor did a quick check up, pronounced it a “slight cough and a low grade fever”, nothing of concern, and asked us to just keep an eye on it.

Of course, everything gets worse at night.  At 3 am, when little A woke up crying, her body was burning to the touch (Who has time to buy thermometers when healthy?) and her breathing seemed to be waaaaay too rapid.  After hearing advice from the on-call nurse about lukewarm baths in the middle of the night (which we ignored – hard enough to shower daily in this cold weather), went back this morning to see (another) doctor in the pediatric practice.  Who did a quick test and confirmed that little A has the flu. 😦

Looking at tomato soup, orange juice, hot tea (for me), lots of cuddling, and My Little Pony shows for the next five days or so.  Yup, apparently, that’s how long the doctor expects us to be out of commission.  Little A couldn’t get the flu shot due to her raw egg allergies but little N did, so hopefully she doesn’t catch it from her little sis.  Hmmmm…. Well.  One thing at a time, right?

Do send “healthy dust” our way as we fly through the flu this week.


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