We were bitten not only by assorted tropical bugs during our 10 day trip through Costa Rica, but also by the far more benign and desirable “travel bug”.  Especially N – who is blessed with more vacation time than yours truly.  And who lately seems to spend all his free time planning the next mini-break (instead of loading the dishwasher).  We have one trip figured out already – to visit V in June once school closes.  Plan to visit Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver on that trip.  Other than seeing my sis again (I am coming, baby!!), I am v. excited about Vancouver – a place that I have wanted to see since 1995, when one of my co-advisors in Newfoundland abandoned ship in favor of the more scenic U. of Vancouver in British Columbia (and tried to convince me to do the same).  What better way to kickoff the summer than a road trip with the family (from Portland to Vancouver, I mean – not crazy to attempt road trip all the way from NJ.  At least, not yet.)!  The kids have spring break at the end of March, but my vacation situation is v. tight, especially in light of the west coast jaunt planned for June.  So, only planning a micro-mini break for three days at that time to (yawn!) Washington, DC.  Ran into one of my co-workers at the water cooler this morning and she highly recommends Amelia Island in FL, instead.  And swears that four days is more than enough time for that trip.  Hmmm…. need to do more frequent water breaks at work in the future!  Also, N has been reading about the delightful Sanibel Island.  Is a quick trip to FL in my destiny for spring break?  I sure hope so. 🙂

In the interest of exploring one new cuisine a month (do you know anyone else who attacks their New Year resolutions with such gusto?!), went to Winberries in Princeton on saturday for dinner.  Well.  Not really new cuisine.  But after checking out Afghan and Lebanese restaurants whose menus seemed suspiciously identical to those at Indian restaurants, or completely “halal meat” types, played it safe and went to the Palmers Square Winberries joint instead.  Excellent food and v. cozy ambience.  Would totally go back again with friends!  Well, maybe in a few months – let’s just stick to the “one new cuisine a month” resolution for a bit, ok?

Wondered idly to N this morning (when he was actually doing the dishes and not vacation planning) if I should become a travel/food blogger, and get paid to travel to exotic locales, eat delicious food, and write about it (my three favorite activities!).  Zen tester N responded that for the picky eater that I am (and throw in being vegetarian into the mix), the scope of my blog would be pretttty limited.  But think about it – reviews of restaurants around the world from the unique perspective of a lacto-ovo-picky-vegan Iyer chick?  Now, wouldn’t that be edge-of-your-seat gripping reading?  Think I am totally onto a niche market here (Nat Geo Travel Magazine editors – are you listening?) 😉

Celebrating Pongal this weekend with some friends and family (potluck lunch, of course – before you get too impressed with my hosting abilities).  Pongalo Pongal!!

Work is somehow not as crazy busy as it was before the Christmas break.  Or maybe it is just me that’s too “pura vida”-ed out after vacation to engage too deeply with such minor inconveniences as project deadlines and deliverables.  All things considered, work is on a “happy hum” these days.

Winter has been milder than usual so far, with temperatures projected to hover in the upper 40s/low 50s this week.  Not too shabby for January in NJ.  Hope this lasts till March (yes, NOT a winter person).

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Ooh, your new cuisine thingie sounds cool. What kinf of food does Winberries have? Portland is sooo beautiful (S was there for 3 yrs when I was in grad school) as are Seattle and VAncouver. Have loads of fun.

    • D – yes, going to try new cuisines in the spirit of keeping open mind. Winberries is American fare (hehehhee, baby steps towards new cuisine – first new restaurant) – they had a delicious “home made” black bean burger, yummy salad (almost as good as yours!), pizza, pasta, veggie chili, etc. And a wonderful apple pie! Looking forward to Portland. We were there 8 years back (before A was born) and loved it!

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