Resolutions for 2013

I love the feel of a New Year.  And I always make resolutions.  Whether they are kept is (obviously) inversely proportional to how difficult they are.  Hmmm…. maybe should not put the pesky ones on the list to begin with?  Anyway.  Here’s my list for 2013:

  • Lose 6 lbs by June (Why so modest, you ask?  At this point, I think I am close to losing whatever I can without major effort.  And who wants to put major effort in the dead of winter and during sneezing season?)
  • Visit V (This one is rigged.  I know that we will go to V’s to pick up Amma anyway.)
  • Visit Canada or Europe this year (preferably both)
  • Do potluck/game night/movie night with friends once a month (at least)
  • Try one new cuisine a month
  • Make brown bag lunches for the soup kitchen once a month (Did very few of these in 2012 – V. bad.)
  • Try a new activity (Zumba?!)
  • Participate in one little walkathon/bikeathon before the end of 2013 (tooooo intense for me, but gotta try, no?)

What’s on your list for 2013?


2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2013

  1. This one is for your 3rd point in your list of resolutions – Arun and I are listening!!! We are ready for hosting and partaking in the “going around” Europe plan 🙂 BRING IT ON!!!!

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