Pachai nirame, pachai nirame…

While N & I were groggily (post-vacation induced coma) waiting for the ball to drop at Times Square (on TV, of course), little N came up with the idea that we should have a color associated with every year.  After my “red” was shot down as too energetic and too aggressive, everyone settled on “green” as our color of choice for 2013.  And came up with green stuff that we should do in 2013:

  • Make more green (to pay for future vacations in exotic locales)
  • Save more green (middle-class mentality)
  • Eat more green veggies (especially little A, whose only vegetable of choice so far – green or otherwise – is okra)
  • Plant more greens in our yard (crab apple or dogwood trees coming up this spring!)
  • Go green (reduce, reuse, and recycle more in 2013 – especially, remember the township’s “bulk waste day” to de-clutter the house)

We then considered what we could do for others that’s green.  Pervs (N & I) promptly came up with “Make them green with envy” (great minds, no?).  Quickly backtracked, and in the interest of setting good example for impressionable young minds in the household, changed that to “Donate more green to the needy”.

Have any other green ideas?  Or just greenbacks? Send them all my way! 🙂


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