Year in Review

Here’s a backward glance at my 2012:

Pounds lost = 12 (yay!)

Blog posts written = 96 (including this one; 86 here, and 10 on – way more than I had imagined I would write in a year!

Countries visited = 2 (India, Costa Rica)

New cuisines tried = 2 (Chinese, Thai – Well.  Not exactly new, but I liked these cuisines better in 2012 due to overall open mind situation.  Ooooh, also loved the yummy Tico cuisine in Costa Rica)

Morning rage = Less than a couple of times per month (pretty sure this is true)

Inner peace = 1 (what, you have a different unit for inner peace?), and going strong

Roses smelt = Don’t push it

All things considered, 2012 has been kind to me.  Hope you had a wonderful year too.  May 2013 be even better (greed yaara vittudhu?).

Wishing you a fabulous New Year filled with happiness, peace, good health, and prosperity!


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