Good Things Jar

I read about this on FB today and was v. taken with the idea.  It’s really simple.  In January, take an empty jar that you have lying around the house.  As happy things happen in your life, write a note about it and throw it into the jar.  Empty the jar on New Year’s Eve (of the following year, obviously), and see what wonderful things happened during the year that passed.  Simple, no?

Like I said, I was totally taken with the concept.  After raving about it on FB during every break I got during the day, suddenly had a Eureka moment.  Who said I had to wait till January? After all, I am wannabe Zen Master who is trying to stay in the moment.  “This moment is all you have” – haven’t I said that to you before? And anyway, how much more special than 12/12/2012 can it get?  So, hunted around the pantry immediately (ignoring pressing deadlines – what are late nights for, anyway?), and found a cute penguin cookie jar.  And added a note about a special moment from today.  Share the special moment with you, you say?  Hmmm… I’ll think about it.

Meanwhile, go find a cute jar, write your notes, and watch your happiness add up.  Here’s to overflowing our Good Things Jar in 2013! 🙂


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