Eight Days a Week

At this point in my life, eight days is not enough days to get me through the week.  THAT CRAZY.  I have been missing my blog for the past several days.  But I find myself buried in unending “must-do-before-vacation” lists both at work and at home.  Any post from me at this time (like this one, unfortunately) will necessarily be a rant about “oh so much to do”.  And that’s not a tone that I like to set.  So, hang in there. I will be back with more interesting things to tell you in January – after my vacation. 

By the way, remember that I blog at a different place about my travels? Yes, I knew you had forgotten.  Given that that poor blog has been sadly neglected for months – both by the blogger and by the handful of loyal readers.

So, here again is the link to my travel blog.  http://cuddlebugsonvacation.wordpress.com/

Have ambitious plans to write big time while away.  And am hoping for better luck with posting a picture a day from the upcoming vacation than from the last one. 

In the meantime, wish me luck with getting my “to-dos” to “dones” quickly. 🙂


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