Things are just non-stop at work these days, with no end in sight.  Something about finishing off the year with a grand flourish.  Which I do get.  Still.  Waiting for Christmas more eagerly than the kids this year – just to get to my 10 day vacation.  Mmmmm… can’t wait!

Watched the newly-released Aamir Khan flick “Talaash” on saturday.  From early reviews, it seemed like the movie would be quite intense and not my style at all.  Still in the spirit of trying new things, got together some friends and family, and went to watch.  Like I ranted last night on FB (yes, back to some bad habits), the movie was ada chi!  Let me clarify.  It was actually fairly well-made with some very nice moments.  But the twist in the end threw the movie waaay into the realm of unbelievable.  Reminded me of “Brave”, which was going well and good (with feminist in me totally digging the cool rebel princess) – when sudden transformation of queen to bear made the movie “unbearable”.

Planning to start Zumba in January – scheduled for 8 am on sunday mornings at a nearby gym.  Again, not my style at all.  But hopefully will like it.  Weight loss still at 12 lb since July of this year.  Which tells me that I’ve likely gotten as far as I can without moving the butties.  So kicking it up a notch.  NJ friends, let me know if you are game to join me.  Will be a ton more fun with company.  And, we can celebrate with lattes after class. 😉

Wondering whether to splurge on a new camera before vacation.  Splurging is really not in me.  Has never been.  Still the amateur photographer in me is v. keen on a new digicam.  Specifically, a Nikon D4.  N tells me it is waaaaay pricey and really not necessary for wannabe photographers like me.  Hmmm… maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas this year.

Little N’s been cooking up a storm these days – salads, desserts, dinners (vegetable lasagna!) – you name it.  While I absolutely enjoy the yummies made by the munchkin, I am careful never to ask her to make a meal or a dessert (though I have been tempted to, many times).  That is a line that I haven’t crossed.  Yet.

Speaking of Little N, the girl had an eye exam last week.  Doesn’t need glasses yet – maybe, later down the road.  Was v. touched to see that the whole time the eye test was going on, the girl had one eye on me.  To see if I would be disappointed if she couldn’t read the tiny rows of letters at the bottom.  I tell the girl it’s no biggie, everyone wears glasses these days.  She says “Yes, I really don’t care.  But I think you do.”  Perceptive chiki.

With my psychic instincts, I had previously called “Boy” for my cousin S and his wife K, who were expecting their first child.  They are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.  Best keep my day job, huh?

Definition of Zen Master: One who remains serene even when their child spends 1/3rd of expensive swimming lesson time on bathroom break.  Not. there. yet.

Hope you have a great week ahead!


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