Cyber Monday

Has got to be one of the worst days of the year (unless you are a rabid shopaholic and love the insane discounts).  I mean, after four days of relaxing at home with family and friends, with license to eat just about everything that doesn’t move – getting back to the grind is undoubtedly a tad harsh.  This monday – in addition to the general feeling of monday gloom – I had a contractor bail out on me at the last minute, which left me scrambling to make alternate arrangements with multiple parties to make sure that the work flowed smoothly anyway, the client didn’t have a fit about cost overruns, and my staff out in the field didn’t have major downtime.  Made for some serious running around and on-the-fly decision making.  Still.  Things have been worse.  Much worse.

Two years back, the usual “monday morning after thanksgiving” blues were not even on my radar.  That was the day when, after a long weekend of gut wrenching constant lump-in-my-throat waiting, I called Appa’s doctor from work, and received some pretty grim diagnosis.  And scrambled around to leave for India within the next couple of days.  I would have given anything that day to just show up at work and whine with coworkers about monday blues, and about how difficult it was to get back to work after a fun looooong weekend.  Even the errant contractor would have been a wonderful trade-up that day.

So, in the middle of stressful bail out situation yesterday, actually felt grateful that all things considered – at this moment, it is relatively smooth sailing for me where it truly matters.

Some serious personal growth, no?  Almost felt a little halo around the head. 😉


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