Giving Thanks

I sit in Little A’s Bharatanatyam class at 11 am on Thanksgiving morning (“Why do you guys need long break, ma?  We already had such a loooong break thanks to the hurricane.” – Mrs. T had emphatically asked us the previous week).  But I am not just sitting in A’s class at the start of a long holiday weekend.  I am sitting in kola pasi (translated verbatim as “murderous hunger”?).

Didn’t feel hungry this morning after yummy (and whopping calorie) dinner out last night.  Plus, decided to go on last ditch diet efforts as prep for two thanksgiving parties coming up this week.  So, feeling like a pious cat, ate nothing for breakfast, and headed out to class (with amnesia regarding how long these classes have been in the past).  Halfway through the class (I hope), Mrs. T has launched into a leisurely, loooong (but well deserved) lecture to her dancers on grace, poise, and posture (amongst other things).  Clearly, lunch is another two hours away for me.  At the earliest.  Seriously considering digging into the dubious looking Goldfish crackers that I have brought for A’s snack.

This was supposed to be a post about thankfulness.  Have been trying to distract myself for the past half hour trying to recollect things that I am grateful for.  And have come up with – Zilch.  While I had some budding thanksgiving-relevant thoughts this morning in the shower, I am completely blank now.  With single-minded focus (thanks again to my zenning), I can only see the rasam and vazhakkai roast that Amma was making for lunch.

Is this how the hungry pilgrims felt before the feast? I sure think so.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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