Sisters are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.~ Anon

It is V’s birthday next week.  As I sat in Little A’s swimming lesson thinking back to my earliest memories of V, I realized something.  I don’t have an earliest memory of V.  She has just always been there in my life, like Amma and Appa, for as long back as I can remember.  Older than me by 1 year and 9 months (she won’t let me round up to 2 years, and I won’t let her round down to 1 and a half years).  My first best friend.  V was very inclusive when we were growing up – something that I appreciate all the more when I see and hear of older siblings (understandably) trying to “lose” their pesky younger siblings while in the scintillating company of their peers.

Growing up, V and I did everything (well, almost everything) together:

  • playing “school” with our dolls (including a female doll mysteriously named by us as “Chakrapani”);
  • making mud pies and getting into trouble (you already know about that one);
  • going on long jaunts on her Silver Plus (nicknamed “Chubary”) – including the one time when I accidentally pressed the hand brake while riding at full speed, and we both were flung out of the bike (last time on the driver seat for me);
  • lunching together at Shanthi Vihar, Mathura, Chit Chat, and Saravana (yes, I’ve a looooong history of being a foodie);
  • sleeping late during our summer holidays, waking up at noon and continuing to roll around on our beds reading late into the afternoon – sometimes till Appa or Amma would return from work.

V kept a closer eye on me during our teenage years than Amma and Appa ever did (and they were quite conservative to begin with). I still have the long letters that V wrote to me when I first left home and went to Canada.  V and I are both busy wives and moms now, but we do find time to talk to each other every day.  If only to bit*h about our employers and our busy schedules.  Or about Zen and weight loss efforts gone wrong.

Dealing with Appa’s illness along with V, I found strength in her go-getter approach and no-nonsense attitude – so similar to Appa.  I am constantly amazed by her sheer energy, and her seemingly unlimited capacity for making new friends.  I have realized from my interactions with V over the years that sibling rivalry never ends. 😉  V and I are very different people, but I think we complement each other well.  I mean, check out any astrology website – they will tell you that the compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio is exemplary.  I can truly say that there’s no one else I’d rather call my sister.

Happy birthday, Bunny! Wishing you the best year ever.


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