I get most ideas for my blog posts on my drive to work – especially when I am stuck in traffic (like today).  An almost Pavlovian response.  Don’t tell N – but if I am lucky enough to have pencil and paper handy (again, like today), I start my scribbles with one hand on the wheel and one eye on the windshield.  Don’t worry – I only do this when Route 1 is a parking lot, which is quite often, at the hour that I step out to start my work day.  Saves me from road rage, and time flies by (talk about win-win!).

November is a tough month for me.  And not just because school is only open for half days for most days of the month – in eager anticipation of Thanksgiving.  Or even because the crazy busy-ness at work is inversely proportional to the premature relaxed holiday mood in the schools.  Two years ago, November was when Appa’s health suddenly took a rapid spiral down.  Not an easy time for someone blessed (?) with a strong memory, especially with respect to dates.  So, if that’s even possible, Appa is on my mind a LOT more these days than before.  Amma arrives (Mummy returns!!) from India this saturday (yay!).  Although it is only a short visit with us for Amma enroute to V’s, I’ll take what I can get.  I have found that Amma’s presence helps and comforts me immensely when I miss Appa a lot.  I am looking forward to Amma’s arrival this weekend.

My cousin S and his wife K are expecting a baby any day now.  I called “Boy” for them as soon as they announced their pregnancy (who asked you, you are saying?).  S was the first male cousin born in the family – coming after three lovely, charming girls (V, B, and me – oooh, that rhymes!).  I can just see him having a boy as his first child.  S & K wanted it to be a surprise, so they haven’t found out the gender of their baby.  In stark contrast to yours truly, who conned the ob-gyn to run three ultrasounds EACH before confirming that little N and A were both girls.  I will let you know how my prediction turns out.  Maybe – kai vasam I have an alternate career as a psychic, let’s see!

For pure entertainment value (I hope), N has been asking the girls if we should have a third baby.  Little N’s take – “If there are going to be any more kids in this family, little A should take care of them.  I have done my share by taking care of little A”.  Little A’s response is more pithy and unambiguous – “No, we should not”.  And that’s that.

Today is Deepavali – one of the biggest and most anticipated festivals in India.  Our Deepavali celebrations in the US have somehow always been pretty low key – I mean, there is the small matter of me lacking the talent (and inclination) to get into yummy batchanam-making in a big way.  And given NJ’s ban on fireworks, what else is left?  We’ll find out – looking forward to celebrating Deepavali at a friend’s place tonight.

Skyfall ROCKS! Surprised N (and myself) on many levels.  First off, me going to watch a movie within two days of its release is of itself newsworthy.  Also, to date, I have never watched a single Bond movie in its entirety (Sean Connery notwithstanding), so I went in with pretty miniscule expectations.  And totally loved it!  The movie was slick, the storyline was solid, and some of the visuals were v. impressive.  Plus, like my friend D put it, Craig totally has the dark Bond undercurrent thing going for him.  N and I took turns watching the kids, and went to the movie with friends – I know we’ll be watching it again together once it gets out on DVD.  That good!  So, watch it if you haven’t yet – with my high recommendations.  My favorite punchline from the movie?  “Why do you think it’s my first time?” 😉

Happy Tuesday!


One thought on “Happenings

  1. Daniel Craig is the bestest James Bond. I am yet to watch skyfall..which is a first for me – not watching a JB within days of its release.
    You get your ideas when driving? I get mine in the loo…pretty pathetic.
    You should not listen to your kids wrt #3 (says someone who stopped at one!)
    Appetite for bakshanam is inversely proportional to availability. When the dining table is loaded with them, you don’t want to go anywhere there. When there is only a soggy biscuit in a sorry packet, you crave for laddu and mysorepak and what not. C’est la vie

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