Deep Thoughts (a la Handey) in the Aftermath of Sandy

Some observations, lessons learned, and acknowledgments in the wake of Sandy:

  • If you kid around and write (what you think is a) clever and cutesy blog post about preparing for a major storm, bad karma will bite you in the butt.  And you won’t have power for the next 72 hours.
  • Eternal Optimist (aka yours truly): One, who in the midst of power outage, keeps pressing her automatic (electric) garage door opener each time she enters the house, and expects the door to magically open.
  • Your neck will crick really bad (ouch!) if you sleep huddled up in a ball in your subzero temperature bedroom (layers of fleece blankets notwithstanding).
  • A hot mug of tea in your hands feels heavenly, especially the morning after aforementioned ball-like sleeping.
  • During power outage, your idlies and thakkali thokku will be even more unpopular than usual.
  • The 10-year old misses school after a couple of days of school closing.  The 6-year old will likely not mind even if school is permanently shut down (in an uncanny resemblance to her mom who used to fantasize about her school getting washed away to foreign lands during biblical rainfall events – sadly, that never materialized).
  • When I went in to work (and N stayed with the girls in our igloo sweet igloo), little A apparently sat with a picture of me near her the whole time.  My little love bug.  Felt v. loved. 🙂
  • Zenning (sorta) helped me deal with this ordeal.  I mean – the concept of observing your feelings without judgement, and not reacting.  This was all well and good for maybe 68 of the 72 hours, at which point had major meltdown about whole hopeless situation.  Would have held out for four more hours if I knew power was coming.  Hmmmm… was that close to becoming Zen Master.  Dang!
  • Many thanks to our dear friends S & R for their hospitality.  Their lively company, excellent food (yummy pooris!), and the warmth we got – both from their lovely home and from our hosts themselves – made our situation that much more bearable.  Bonus:  Made a new friend (fellow power outage refugee, M) at S’ house.
  • Climbed on scale and found myself at two lbs heavier than when I weighed myself a week back.  What – all the stress is making me put on weight?  Makes no sense.  Perhaps scale was being cranky (like its owner) after three days of no power.
  • Amazing that you can have no power but can still get on FB to moan about it – technology is a fantastic thing!

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