Hurricane “Frankenstorm” Sandy is expected to make landfall in our neck of the woods within the next 24 hours or so.  Governor Christie declared a state of emergency yesterday (serious CYA there!) in anticipation of the “severe and potentially devastating storm”.  It’s been really quiet so far, though.  Which made it v. strange to drive on the Turnpike in seemingly mild and crisp October weather with “state of emergency” signs flashing everywhere.  Still, the consensus seems to be that it’s best not to underestimate Sandy, which is apparently expected to be in “full force” by Monday.  Schools are feeding off of one another’s frenzy – within the last hour, several school districts (including our own esteemed one) have announced closures for monday and tuesday.

One would hope the corporate environment would catch on, no? Not even the Governor’s state of emergency declarations is giving them pause, it seems.  I received an announcement from my firm (with best wishes for us to stay safe) that there would perhaps be an early closure tomorrow or a delayed opening on tuesday, as a nod to Sandy.  N hasn’t even received such an “opukku” email yet.  Of course, to be fair, it’s not even drizzling or anything yet.  So, there’s still hope (one fervently hopes!).  N has a MAJOR work meeting tomorrow morning, so his preference is to get in there and be done with it.  Which I don’t like at all – his long commute in potentially bad weather, I mean.  Hopefully it will be a relatively short work day for him.  I will be working from home tomorrow, with two lovely little ladies for whom the possibilities seem to be endless (“Mommy, it’s friday all over again!”).

We’ve done our bit to prepare for Sandy:

  • Went to “Rasoi” and had a go at their fantastic lunch buffet this afternoon.  Mmmm… the malai koftas, the chaats, the delicious hot gulab jamuns!!  What’s all this indiscriminate pigging out got to do with Hurricane Preparedness, you ask?  Well.  Pretty sure N & I ate enough at lunch to tide us over three days of bad weather or more.  So there.
  • Bought some bottled water and candles.
  • Made a bucket of idli mavu – although, this pampered household of late seems to be v. fed up of my frequent idli dosai offerings.
  • Moved our Halloween decorations (waaaah!!) and assorted potted Mums indoors.
  • Called my friend A to confirm that she has not done any more than me to prepare for Sandy (comparing notes – v. important).
  • Hosted a Halloween party for the girls yesterday.  Each invited a few friends over (our first all girls party ever!).  Had fun watching them have fun – giggling girls rolling down a little hillock near our home and falling on top of fallen leaves; chomping on yummy pizza (Al Jons ROCKS!), home-baked cookies, candied apples, and drinking “blood”; turning off the lights, playing hide-and-seek with eerie music in the background and screaming with fake fear.  A couple of the girls slept over, so the party spilled over laaaaaate into the night.  Even if Sandy messes up our trick-or-treating on wednesday (which I really hope not), I think the girls have had a ton of Halloween fun already.

Emergency Preparedness doesn’t get much better than this, right? 😉


One thought on “Frankenstorm

  1. Batteries !!! Kavi – pls. stack up on batteries in case of power failure for torches, radio, etc. Car chargers for cell phones………Also ice bags to store food in ice boxes. Yes, it sucks big time that companies never announce holidays as eagerly as schools do 😦 Glad the girls have been making the most of it ! Stay Safe and hope, before we realize it, Sandy would’ve come and GONE 🙂

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