Watched “Cheeni Kum” last night.  Didn’t know that the movie has been around for over five years, but that’s usual for us.  Cute “my-kind-of” movie, even with not much story to go around.  Loved the sound track by Ilayaraja – what an awesome idea to recycle his older compositions!  Can’t stop humming the tunes this morning.  And ooooh, that Big B is a looker even in his mid- to late- sixties – no kidding!

Golu season ends tonight.  And not a day too soon.  I am completely sundal-ed out. 😉 Although, it was wonderful meeting and catching up with old and new friends and family.  Also, FINALLY figured out how to wear a saree well, and actually be comfortable with self (there’s a “how to” video for everything out there these days!).

The girls are hosting a Halloween party this saturday, and are each having a few friends over.  Piece of cake – after all the marathon Golu activities over the past week and a half.  Also, since my creativity levels are quite pitiful, N and the kids usually take over for Halloween decorating, baking, and activity planning.  Fine. by. me.  Looking forward to a quiet saturday evening with a houseful of costumed, sugar high kids.

Have been meaning to (check this out – not saying “We’re going to“) participate in the CORD walkathon event that’s happening this sunday.  Lots of our friends are going, and we have been wanting to do this for a while.  Still, feeling v. tired at the thought of a busy sunday morning that comes on the heels of two weeks of non-stop running around.  I mean, sunday has always been our “lounge around” oasis day of the week.  After all, we are not “cuddlebugs” for nothing. 🙂 So, unless some pretty high level motivation pops up between now and sunday, we will likely end up bailing on the walkathon, methinks.

Work is still crazy busy.  But, I find myself doing really well these days with just dealing with what’s in front of me, one thing at a time, and not getting anxious with what or how much is coming my way down the road.  A year of zenning (going strong since last October!) has been good for me. 🙂

Hope you have a fun wednesday!


One thought on “Happenings

  1. My golu is in the process of being dismantled and I have just taken a break from the grueling, muscle-straining activity (pretty painful, considering all the stuff that went into building the steps) with a cup of hot chai and blog-reading.
    It was fun, wasn’t it? But yeah, I am glad it’s over too.

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