I’ve learned that…

Picked up a delightful little book at B & N last night – “The Complete Live and Learn and Pass it On” by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  The author has compiled a list of what people ages 5 to 95 – kindergarteners, high school students, married couples, senior citizens, etc. have discovered about “life, love, and other good stuff”.  I haven’t finished reading it yet (yay – there’s more to go!), but wanted to share some of my favorite ones so far (in no particular order):

  1. I’ve learned that if either of your parents is angry, don’t – and I repeat don’t – ask for money.  – Age 10
  2. I’ve learned that you should never tell your fourteen year old brother you can beat him up, unless you are sure you can.  – Age 21
  3. I’ve learned that the older I get, the less attention I get.  – Age 6
  4. I’ve learned that when your wife asks for a kiss, you shouldn’t say, “I already did.”  – Age 67
  5. I’ve learned that days are long, but life is short.  – Age 88
  6. I’ve learned that the sweetest sound of all is my own name spoken by a boy I care about.  – Age 18
  7. I’ve learned that the older my parents get, the sweeter their voices sound.  – Age 34
  8. I’ve learned that scratches on furniture made when your children were little become fond memories when they are grown and gone.  – Age 72
  9. I’ve learned that when someone tells you it’s the principle of the thing and not the money, it’s usually the money.  – Age 65
  10. I’ve learned that your “I can” is more important than your “IQ”  – Age 14
  11. And the best one so far:  I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.  – Age 66

So, what have you learned?  Any words of wisdom or wisecracks?


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