Missed me?

Hmmmm… don’t lie.  I bet you didn’t even notice that I was gone.  Well.  Actually, I wasn’t gone that long, so it’s not your fault.  It’s just that I’ve been writing so much more recently that after a gap of five days, I feel like I haven’t written in ages… I missed my blog.

So, here goes – a teeny tiny update on what’s happening in my corner of the woods.

Golu season is ROCKING!!  Unfortunately, this week has also been the most crazy busy week EVER at work – I kid you not.  After writing about the sore throat/hoarse voice condition that I haven’t able to shake for over three weeks, I googled it (when has this been a good idea?) and found all kinds of scary a$$ things that could cause such symptoms.  Paid a visit to the friendly neighborhood (tamil) doctor S, and got it checked out.  Turns out, I have now graduated to add fall allergies (“classic ragweed symptoms”) to my already out of control spring allergies. 😦 Got some heavy duty steroids to help alleviate my swollen vocal cords.  And express orders from the doctor to limit my talking for the next few days (haha, as if!).

Two days later, the throat is still not all there.  After all, hosting some 20 ladies (and double that number of kids) and talking non-stop yesterday, visiting more ladies today, vambu adichaxing some more, and bursting into keerthanais at the smallest request from the host despite the cracking voice (you get bolder as you get older) – cannot be helping.  Still, feeling totally fabulous (thank you, steroids) – pumped up and almost ready to compete in the Tour de France!  Which is all very timely, since I have no doubt that I will be up for another couple of hours tonight prepping for a big work meeting tomorrow (organized by sadists that never heard of “Happy Friday”, I am sure).

Speaking of fridays – now these are supposed to be super special during the Golu season.  But oddly, seems like everyone I know has decided that someone else will host on friday.  And, the formidable Mrs. T, has canceled Bharatanatyam class in deference to the Navarathri season.  So, suddenly, at the end of my busiest week of the year, the planets are aligned and I find myself with a friday night with absolutely nothing to do.  Mmmmm….delicioso!!  Looking forward to dinner out with the family, and lounging around at B&N reading the latest late into the night. 🙂

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Missed me?

  1. Ah. With the third paragraph I panicked that you couldn’t sing for your sundal. Thank God for the boldness.
    In my end, my daughter does not let me sing. Anytime anyone asks ME to sing, she sings. And continues singing until the host threatens to dismantle the golu.
    Having total fun, but like you, work deadlines are being a bone in the fish, so to speak.

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