Navarathri Golu

One of my all-time favorite Indian festivals starts next week.  It’s especially delightful (better to think “delightful” than “hectic”, no?) that the festival goes on for 10 days during which women and kids get to dress up (after making the men set up the golu), visit friends and relatives, sing songs, catch up on the latest, and eat yummy munchies at every stop.  I have vivid recollections (and pictures) of V dressed as Radha, and tomboyish me as topless dhoti-clad Krishna (eeeeek, pl. tell me I was 5 years old or less then!) visiting the golus of friends and relatives.  And obligingly singing the latest keerthanais learnt in paatu class.  I remember rebelling one day and insisting (while in Krishna costume) that I was going to dance rather than sing at my Mami’s golu (hint, right there, regarding my Bharatanatyam aspirations!).  And getting glowering looks from Amma, which I pretended not to notice.

We (ok, N) will set up our golu sunday night.  The calendar tracking our invites and inviteds is full for the next ten days.  The girls have their paatus ready – easy, since they don’t go to paatu class, they just had to brush up on the couple that they already know.  I self-learnt a couple of new songs, specifically with the idea of doing dramatic golu release, but have not been able to shake this hoarse throat condition for the past couple of weeks.  My planned debut of “Asaindhaadum mayil ondru” may have to wait till next year after all.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Navarathri season this year!  Will post pictures of my golu next week.  Perhaps some of those topless Krishna photos too, if I feel brave. 😉


2 thoughts on “Navarathri Golu

  1. You have those pictures? That’s something! You must post them.
    Golu or bommala koluvu as it is called in Telugu is a Sankranti (Pongal) thing in our family. But my sis’s family having settled in Chennai for a century now, does it during Navarathri. Whenever I’ve visited them during this festival, it has been a non-stop 9 day socializing marathon. The best part for me, is digging out those rarely used gorgeous sarees and matching jewelry making sure they are not repeated because visitors overlap in these circles and you don’t want to be caught wearing something someone has already seen you in 😀 ! Similarly, one needs to have a bunch of kritis ready to voice out at every visit. At this, my sister is amazingly talented and I’m happy to get away lip sync-ing 😀 LOL!

    On a feminist note, it is also gratifying to see the male population completely sidelined or confined to helping with decorations or passing tamboolam packets around. Which reminds me of the post visit conversation, revolving around what has been stuffed into the tamboolam packets! Each lady trying to outdo others or themselves in the exclusivity and novelty of ‘goody bag’ design and contents 😀

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