Diet Log

Plateaued at a 12 lb weight loss since January.  Not too shabby – considering that I didn’t do much for it, other than mindful eating, and filling in the occasional diet diary entries.  And it’s definitely topped my “beginning of the year” goal of 10 lb.  Still, would like to lose 3 to 5 more pounds before the end of the year (greed yaara vittuthu?).  Gotta watch the rage gage, though.  Seems like there is a delicate balance between hunger and anger – directly proportional, methinks from personal experience (and as people in the house will attest). 

My diet plans for the rest of the year include:

  • Eat out less;
  • Don’t eat after 6 pm (except when invited to big dinner parties – in which case, don’t hold back and regret later);
  • Skip desserts (v. easy for me, luckily);
  • Bike one day every week; and
  • Walk for at least 10 minutes daily during lunch break (Why only 10 minutes, you ask? If I am physically at work only for 6 hours, how much more lunch break can I take, huh?).

Hopefully that does it for losing 3 to 5 more pounds.  Any other ideas?  Don’t ask me to run five miles a day on the treadmill, etc. – totally not my style.  I am looking for something soooo easy peasy that I won’t even notice it. 

So, whatcha got?


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