My Favorite Blogs

I have a very short list of blogs that I frequent.

Blogs written by school friends (LG) (Mads)

Zen/positivity blogs that keep me grounded

One blog that LG follows, which somehow caught my eye years back for the blogger’s pithy style, wry sense of humor, and tam brahm tone.  She doesn’t blog all that much these days, it seems.  A pity.

One blog that I started reading in 2004, when the blogger’s six month old daughter got diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently passed away.  I still check on her from time to time (not that she knows me or anything).  The story of her journey through her loss, the birth of two more daughters, a divorce, and moving on is pretty inspiring – especially her initial writings.

So, that’s my tiny list.  In the spirit of trying new things – what are some blogs that interest and inspire you?  And why?  Or perhaps you are a sooooper blogger yourself and I am totally blowing you off (in which case, my sincere apologies). 

Let me know either way – I hope to double my reading list with your suggestions (or your posts).


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogs

  1. Honoured to be on the list. Thank you.

    I used to have a lot of blogs on my reader earlier. I have pruned them to a manageable A few more that I think you may enjoy as much as I do are : (the way Karen organizes her thoughts is amazing), (her humor is wonderful) although Terri does not blog as often as I like her to, and (a published writer, with a wry sense of humour and incredible energy and enthusiasm for life.

  2. Aw….Thank you for the mention girl, you’re kind. I read a TON load of blogs and like them all, for various reasons. So instead of offloading the info dump here, I’m sharing ones I think you have an interest in. For your aspirations on Photography, check out Its a rare post of his that doesn’t make me go ‘WaaaaauW’ A similar blog of predominantly Indian landscape,
    For your interest in scrap booking and all things handmade, and Happy Blogging 🙂

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