First day of fall tomorrow, huh?  Well.  With the start of the school year, feels like we’ve been in the thick of fall for a couple of weeks now.  Not that I am complaining.  I have always found the routine of a set schedule more comforting than the “let’s see what comes up today” laid-back tone of summer.  Most of the girls’ activities this season are on friday evening and saturday, so that makes for a “hit the ground running” start to the weekend. Combined with a packed “six hours in the office (and make up the rest at home)” work day, and several major projects on overdrive at the same time (why, oh why?), it’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Needless to say, blogging has been struggling to get on the back burner.  It’s nowhere near the stove even (heheheehee, bad joke-aa?)

Took the girls a few weeks back to NYC to watch Zarkana.  What MIND BLOWING performances!  Luckily for us, the girls thought so too.  Feeling braver about live theater, we’re off to see Stomp in a couple of weeks.  Recall watching them on TV awestruck when N & I were bright eyed, bushy tailed grad students many moons ago.  Can’t wait to watch them live!  Hopefully our seats are as promising as they look on the little map that Ticket Master puts out.

I finally made it to the last book of Ponniyin Selvan (Volume 5).  Only to find out that there are actually two books in Volume 5 – Part I and Part II.  Cheating, no?  Still, I am very close to the ending.  And still verrrry impressed with it.  I do hope someone makes a major Tamil movie out of this amazing epic novel.  And Surya gets to play Ponniyin Selvan.  Mmmmm….

Thrilled to bits to be home at 3 pm everyday, and to have yummy hot snacks waiting for the chickis when they get off the bus.  “Mom” is TOTALLY my word.  I have come to realize that the trick to happiness is to figure out what your core values are (whatever those might be), and to make sure that your actions are consistent with those values.  Do what you believe in, and do it because YOU want to do it.  There’s absolutely no room for regrets then.  At the risk of sounding like Kung Fu Panda – right there, I believe, is the key to inner peace.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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