Don’t Tip My Bucket

“When we were young, and truth was paramount, we were older then.” ~ Seal

As little A and I snuggled in bed last night with her favorite book (The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck), she suddenly remarked (a tad sadly) “Mommy, you tipped my bucket today”.  I asked her to explain.  And this is what I heard (story courtesy of A’s kindergarten teacher from last year):

Everybody starts the day with a bucketful of happiness that they carry on their heads.  When you are rude or mean to someone, you cause their bucket to tip over (Oops, what did I do to tip A’s bucket?!).  And they lose a little happiness.  If you are verrrrry mean and make someone cry, their bucket gets totally emptied.  If, on the other hand, you are really nice to them, their bucket gets filled up and runs over with happiness.  We must make sure to never tip another’s bucket either deliberately or by accident, and we must remember to be careful with our buckets and try to always keep them full.

I was blown away.  What a place this world would be if we remembered lessons like this one from kindergarten! 

Hope your bucket stays full today.  And don’t tip mine either, ok?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Tip My Bucket

  1. That’s a lovely metaphor/analogy (or whatever the technical literature term is!) for looking at life…out of the mouths of babes, indeed…

  2. I googled because my daughter came home and told me we should never try and tip anyone’s bucket. Her teacher has told them this very story! It’s something relevant and has definitely helped my precious 1st grader, who battles a pretty severe case of “impulsivity”

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