Feels like it’s been a loooong time since I last wrote.  Things have been crazy at work, especially with the new “leave at 3 pm” schedule.  Seems to me like the head honchos are trying to figure out if I can really make this compressed schedule work for them – and are throwing more challenging stuff at me.  A LOT more of it.  While this makes for some sooooper busy days (and unfortunately, nights), there is something about challenges that makes me dig in my Type A heels even deeper and be more productive than ever. So, in a perverted way, I am enjoying the quickened pace of the shorter work day (oxymoron right there, huh?).

Talking of quickening the pace, today is the first day of the new school year for the girls.  Missing my daily lunch break at home – when I would catch up with my bunch cookies on who slept in the longest that morning, and who watched more TV than the other.  Hmmmm… the joys of summer.

Little N starts 5th grade, and little A starts 1st grade this year.  I still have vivid memories of my own 5th grade class, especially because we changed schools that year, and I was freaked out with all the “newness”.  Can my child be that old already?

Speaking of “old”, I am currently on Book 3 of 5 of the fantastic Ponniyin Selvan series.  What an amazing writer Kalki was!!  Although, yesterday, I was v. disturbed to read a description in that book about an “elderly” 45 year old woman.  Dang!  And here I am, thinking 40 is the new 20 (or close).

Went to Cape Cod over the long weekend.  Trip was good but could’ve been better.  Tandem kayaked on the Bass River with the 10 year old (while N and little A did their own tandem).  And learnt that kayaking was really not my thing.  Not by a far shot.  Non-swimming me was totally unprepared for how little the kayaks are and how close to the water you sit.  Totally freaked out and kept screaming at little N to help me out (not proud of myself, just confessing to you what happened here).  Note that 6 year old little A was not freaking out, but XX year old me was (you already know what XX is, why remind you unnecessarily?).  Sheepishly got off the kayak 20 minutes later, and N and little N went back for some peaceful solo kayaking, while A and I got in the car and snacked on cookies (now that’s more my style).  Lesson learned – you can’t drag me near a kayak again for a million bucks.  And my humble apologies to my baby for all the unintended terrorizing. 😦

Weight loss is coming along nicely.  Currently at 12 lbs lighter than in January, and hanging in there (even with all the vacation induced indiscriminate hogging).

Love the short week.  See – it’s thursday already, just like that.  We should do this more often.

Happy thursday!


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