Summer’s End

“There was nothing but that savage ocean between us and Europe.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Ok, I know we have another month to go (give or take) before summer’s end.  But time is whizzzzzing by – a fact that you are especially conscious of when you are back at work after a three week vacation.  And are wading through piles and piles of paper and plodding through never-ending “status update” meetings.

As I fill our September calendar with back to school events and fall activities for the girls, I am more aware of the impending end of summer than ever.  So, in the spirit of squeezing out that last bit of summer fun, we are going away for a few days on a mini road trip with friends to Cape Cod.  I’ve always (I mean, not “always” always, just since I moved to the US 18 years ago) been fascinated by the Cape, and the concept of spending every summer there (in a Kennedy-esque fashion.  Something to do with the dashing JFK, Jr. at that time, I am sure.  Mmmm….).

Despite all that fetish, we have gone ONCE so far.  In the summer of 2010 with my parents.  It was (literally) boatloads of fun for everyone.  We have ambitious plans for this upcoming trip – starting with a packed lunch of idly molagapodi, puliyancham, thayir sadam, and oorugai (well, what did you think tambrahms pack when they picnic?!), biking, walking, taking the ferry to one of the neighboring quaint islands, and chilling out at night with movies and board games.  Also, planning to work on photography skills – National Geographic photo contests – watch out for sun-kissed beach photos coming up! 😉

Summer – my absolute favorite time of the year (yours too, huh?).  Can’t wait for the mini-break. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Have loads on fun! As for us on the west coast, school started back today for A…she was NOT happy!!!! Esp. since for a lot of her friends in private schools, it starts after labor day…After patiently sitting thro’ another rant, I was tempted to say, “welcome to the real world, missy!..heehee..

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