Officially at writing doldrum.  Briefly contemplated writing a blog post on “The Hunger Games” – No, not a slowpoke review of the book or the movie, but a post about my dieting journey (V. clever title, no? No korachal for self-compliments here!).  Still, found self to be too lazy to write a word beyond the title.  That much writing inertia emergency situation!  In case you are wondering though, weight loss is hanging in decently – at 8.6 lb lower than on January 4th.

Work has been insane over the past couple of weeks.  All self-imposed too.  Why is it that for every hour of upcoming vacation, you feel the need to first put in two hours of work – even before you step out for said vacation?!

Have big plans for writing a travelogue during our India trip.  Can envision carrying a notebook around (poor internet connection memories still fresh in mind) – writing happenings on Day 1, Day 2, etc.  Add to that my plans for a picture a day for every day away (hmmm… that rhyming thing again!), you are going to be inundated with posts from me when I return.  Decided to write about my travels in a separate space – check out http://cuddlebugsonvacation.wordpress.com/ for my travel stories (coming soon).

Gorgeous day out at the beach on saturday.  Also got some cheap thrills when cops came and after major arguments and yelling, dramatically led away this woman from the group sitting next to us.  Unfortunately, cops let the woman go when they got to the boardwalk so story didn’t develop to anything sensational, despite my high hopes.

Ice Age IV was ada chi!  Not as much as Madagascar III, though.  I found myself v. overwhelmed by the number of unnecessary characters in the movie.  And perhaps the result of too much partying the previous night at the beach, felt quite sleepy too (N actually caught a few zzzzs in the middle of the movie).  Also think we are getting too old to keep up with these hyper-enthusiastic cartoon characters for much longer.

Breaking away from caffeine has been relatively easy.  After feeling like a sleepy and cranky bear on Day 1 of implementing the “Oru Cup Kaapi” concept, I came up with a technique to trick the system.  Half a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and a second half cup at 3 pm – works really well, and this way everybody goes home happy.

The last three days have felt like they really should have been thursday (from the humongous amounts of work plodded through each day). 

Happy Thursday (for real this time)!


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