Oru Cup Kaapi

I had never tasted coffee till I reached grad school.  Then started the habit of drinking buckets of coffee and spending late nights in the lab.  Eighteen years later (eeeek!), the late nights are now strictly reserved for movie watching.  Still, the caffeine habit has stayed.  And thrived.  I now drink anywhere between three to five cups of coffee/tea a day.  Sometimes more, if we have company and are doing movie nights or game nights (hmmm… social drinker?).  Had a big cuppa this morning at home while making lunch.  Still, I found myself already looking forward to my second cup as I walked into work this morning (see what a little mindfulness can do for ya!).  Why should this be, when I just had my fix (and a big one at that) at home?  Pavlovian conditioning, what else?!  I am just used to grabbing a cup of coffee as the first thing at work every morning.

A few months back, I decided not to actively post updates on FB (other than to shamelessly advertise these blog posts).  Just staying away for a couple of months has freed up my time and my mind.  “Oooh, I should post this on FB” — is not the first thing that crosses my mind these days when something fun or exciting happens.  Maybe because this blog is now that place for me.  Anyway, I have accomplished what I set out to – I have pulled my obsessive self away from FB, and I feel all the better for it.  So, in the spirit of self-improvement, caffeine is going to be the next one to go.  One cup of coffee (or tea) per day is all I am going to allow myself for the next three months.  Hopefully that much time is enough to kick the habit. 

Sitting here sipping cold water, it doesn’t seem so tough.  Not yet, that is.  Hopefully I am still holding up when it’s 3 pm and the mid-afternoon doldrums set in. 

Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Oru Cup Kaapi

  1. I hear you loud and clear. I noticed that coffee was making me feel bloated and totally uncomfortable. I could take up to ten cups a few years back, but now, beyond the one jolt in the morning (without which the headache starts), I am unable to tolerate any more. I switched to green tea for that “I need something hot and sweet to drink right now” feeling. I feel much better now.

  2. Hey ! Coffee with Milk / Creamer or Without ? I have a cup in the morning with LOTs of Skim milk and another similar one in the evening. During Winters, I have a huge mug of really dilute black coffee like 3-4 times a day. For some reason, I believe that’s less harmful ?

    • Desi coffee – milk and a bucket of sugar. Black coffee, you American girl!! 🙂
      I don’t want to reduce coffee intake because I think it is harmful or anything… My colleague says I am constantly testing myself to see if I hold out. True, methinks.

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