Weighty Matters

Weight has been creeping up in the past week, and is now 1.5 lb higher than where it was during fortuitous stressful situation.  N, I think, is fed up of my daily weight checks (and not just because he tripped on the transparent scale that I had inadvertently left in the middle of the kitchen after a weighing session).  He informed me that there was a Yahoo article on the disadvantages of weighing oneself daily.  I am sure he realized that I was beyond help when I responded (quite seriously) with “Oh, am I supposed to weigh myself multiple times a day to keep a closer watch?”. 😉

V swears by and highly recommends the “insanity workouts” that she has taken to big time these days.  For some reason, I have waaay too much resistance to getting started on this.  The insanity part I don’t mind (I probably have that going on already), just not sure that I want to add workout on top of it.

What does it mean when I am on a diet but still keep having the cook over to make delicious stuffed parathas and paneer koftas?  Somebody help me.  A dieting foodie is a strange place to be (oooh, that rhymes).

Planning a beach outing again this saturday.  The last one was really fun.  Went to the beach late in the afternoon, and stayed till after 9 pm catching up with friends.  Hot masala chaai, samosas (and several other yummies), great company, wind in your hair, and salty beach air (oooh, that rhymes again – I am unstoppable today) make for an unbeatable combination!  Can’t wait to go back this weekend.

Planning to watch “Ice Age IV” this sunday.  Having totally enjoyed Ice Age I and II (and not recalling whether we ever watched Ice Age III), I have high hopes for the sequel.  Hope it doesn’t turn out like Cars II (sorry, Mads!) or Madagascar III – sitting through both of which were like pulling teeth for me.  Well, you’ll be the first to know how it goes. 

Happy wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Weighty Matters

  1. Np, Cars II is my son’s fav, not mine – I liked Cars better LOL! Well actually, my standard for a good family movie is way down there. Anything I can watch with the kids without having to ff any of it qualifies 😀

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