Popcorn Times

Watched Bend it Like Beckham last night.  Yes, I am aware the movie is 10 years old.  Before you conclude that I totally live under a rock — things do come slowly to my part of the world, but not that slowly, I am happy to report.  I have actually watched this one before (and thoroughly enjoyed it).  Temporarily forgot that the movie has some adult content and decided to watch it again with the girls.  Not a bad decision, though we did have to hastily fast forward during a couple of scenes.  Mostly, it was v. entertaining watching the girls watch the movie – since they mostly watch animations or Harry Potter or some such, and are not used to Indian movies.  And also because the girls have such different personalities.  The soccer playing 9-year old remarked “Whoa, Mommy, I have a totally different perspective now” – after watching the Indian mom in the movie rant and rave about her daughter’s tomboyish ways, and remark that her daughter would be much better off learning to make daal and “round round chappatis” rather than playing soccer with the boys.  Hmmm… struck a cord with my 9-year old, no doubt.  But what “different perspective” would that be, I wonder? Hopefully, that her own mom is waaaay cooler than the one in the movie, and perhaps not as strict or uptight as previously considered. 😉  Meanwhile, the 6-year old princess loving chiquita has been conditioned to expect “happily ever after” in the movies she watches.  Heck, she was watching a “My Little Pony” show the other day where horses were getting married with fancy wedding gowns, bridesmaids – the whole works.  So, she was waiting for a big wedding to materialize, and kept looking for potential boyfriends and girlfriends in the movie.  The big wedding did eventually materialize, but way at the end of the movie, by which time she was already fast asleep.

Planning to watch “Chak De” with the girls one night this week.  Seems to be “girl-sports-related-Indian-movie-re-run-week” at our household.  Having grown up in a two girl household and now raising two girls myself, I am all for movies that portray women as strong, self-reliant achievers, who are not sitting around waiting for princes in shining armor to move and shake things for them.  “Brave”, which came out a couple of weeks back was along similar lines, but some parts of it were quite unbelievable and (spoiler alert!) – as my friend D put it – un”bear”able!

So, what flicks are you watching (and re-watching) this summer?


6 thoughts on “Popcorn Times

  1. I have grown tired of watching movies. The entire summer of two months were spent watching flicks (one a day) from 1940 (Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Lucille Ball, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant etc. etc.) to 2012 (safe house, ghost rider). I am done until next summer (except weekend night rituals, which are usually re-runs in our household – we don’t have cable T.V. But we are all avid movie buffs). My favorite this season? La Cara Oculta (don’t watch with kids), Midnight in Paris (can watch with kids), Hugo (must watch with kids), Kahani, and PayaNam (both of which would be too intense for kids).

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