Have been in a pretty blah place since I last wrote.  And can’t come up with a good reason as to “why”.  Perhaps because temperatures consistently in the upper 90s are finally getting to me (especially due to my pigheadedly driving around in old car with non-functioning a/c).  Or perhaps because I am subconsciously freaking out over the buckets of work that need to be neatly wrapped up before our upcoming vacation.  Either way, it’s pretty significant when I am not particularly excited even at the thought of a holiday right in the middle of a week day.  What do you call this kind of negative energy? Came up with a nice copyright-worthy term for it this morning – “chee chi” (I knew you’d like it!). 🙂

While waiting at the Orthodontist’s office on saturday, I read this article in the latest Readers Digest about “940 saturdays” – That is, there are approximately 940 saturdays from the time your child is born to when your child turns 18, and something about how you should really make that limited time count.  Never having considered it that way, I was quite taken with the concept.  I was telling N about it later that evening, when little N (who was sitting near us reading) suddenly quipped, “This is totally bogus”.  I ask her to explain, and she goes “Well, there are not just 940 saturdays in that time.  There are also 940 sundays.  You can also bond with your kids then.  Also, how about the whole summer vacation time every year?  And stay at home parents can have even more time in the afternoons with their kids.  So, what’s up with the 940 saturdays?”  Hmmm… well, if you put it like that.

Little A had her two front teeth extracted on saturday (yes, saturday was an entirely “toothy” day for us).  Along with offering her teeth in two little boxes, she also wrote a note in her best handwriting: “Dear Tooth Fairy, I think you are so kind for everything you do for all the kids out there.  I haven’t been brushing so well, can you please forgive me for that?”  Who wouldn’t be delighted by such a heartfelt note?  Our own tooth fairy dropped $20 in response (perhaps she only had $20 notes and no change, as the practical little N rightly pointed out).

I recently read an article on www.goodlifezen.com about happiness.  The article concluded with “To increase my happiness by 5%, I would…” – asking the readers to complete that sentence quickly with four or five thoughts that immediately come to mind (you know I am a sucker for such games).  So, here’s what I came up with:

  • I would worry less about things that I have no control over
  • I would shut down the endless lists that run in my head (especially when I am under stress)
  • I would stay in the moment more
  • I would be more kind to myself and to those around me everyday
  • I would hover less over the kids and spend that time doing something for myself (talk about “win-win”)

I don’t think any of the above comes easy to me, but I am going to try.  And I am sure you will be updated (more frequently than you care to know) about the success of my efforts or lack thereof.  So, to blatantly copy from “goodlifezen” (well, not exactly “copying” if I attribute back to the source, no?), what would you do to increase happiness in your life by 5%?


3 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. This little N is one smart cookie :-). As for the happiness ideas, let me know how to worry less about things you don’t have control over…if you figure it out. That’s a great theoretical idea, but, not sure how to implement it practically. Another idea (perhaps theoretical too) is to reduce one’s expectations of people around you and you won’t get disappointed/unhappy. On a related note, isn’t happiness an intermittent occurance? There are moments when one is very happy and moments when one is not so happy or sad. And, in fact, without those non-happy moments, happiness would lose its value. So, you do want those too. As I read somewhere, happiness as a goal is not achievable. Perhaps little N will figure this all out when she grows up :-).

    • Reducing expectations is a fantastic idea. One that I am trying to implement. But if you reduce expectations regarding your kids way too much, then you will be raising bums while the competition will be raising future prodigies, no? Hmmm…

  2. The stop-worrying-about-things-you-have-no-control-over bit I believe could be universal.
    I would like to get more efficient in whatever I am doing..right now, I feel like I have sunken to the lowest pit of inefficiency, which makes me miserable. But then, perhaps I judging myself too harshly, and what I really need to do is stop doing that? I don’t know.
    But as RS said, happiness wouldn’t be recognizable without those not-so-happy moments as well, so perhaps what I should ask for is the strength to face the unhappy phases of life with dignity,

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