Diet Log

Have almost arrived at the New Year’s resolution (with six months to spare!!).  Currently at 9.4 lb lower than on January 4th.  Yesterday morning was verrrry stressful (I won’t get into the details here.  Well, at least not in this post).  Thankfully, the thing that I was seriously stressed about did get resolved within a few hours.  Would have been one of my worst nightmare situations if it hadn’t. 😦

BUT, meanwhile, unexpected side benefit – I seem to have lost over two pounds overnight! Didn’t I tell you that I could lose weight in a snap when under stress?  Hmmm… should such “adhiradi” weight loss count? You bet, it should (my reward for putting up with intense stress) – especially, if it doesn’t climb way back up within the next few days (as it is prone to).

Is it v. shallow that while in the middle of stressful situation, a corner of the mind was actually satisfactorily considering the huge weight loss potential of said situation?  Truly a dieter’s mind, no?  Bob Harper would be so proud.


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