While doing my “Bucket List Update”, I noted one item that I could easily cross off my list.

  • Make sandwiches and cookies with the girls for the local soup kitchen at least once a month.

Well.  Not that easy, considering the last time we did this was waaay back in October.  The chillaxing chiquitas are currently on Day 3 of summer vacation – at that point where they think they have already finished grad school and therefore, don’t need to do a single productive thing with their day.  Still, to my delight, they were totally up for making brown bag lunches that I could take to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK; http://www.trentonsoupkitchen.org/) on my way to work.  

Went shopping late last night to pick up supplies.  Getting up at the crack of dawn (well, more like 7 am), Amma, me, and the girls quickly had an assembly line going – with hot cheese sandwiches (stove work by the 9-year old chef), chips, cookies, juice boxes (and a patriotic napkin with the US flag on it) being stuffed into brown lunch bags with military precision.  N, on his way to New York to get a visa for his upcoming business trip to Germany (remember, his word was “work”?), had weightier matters on his mind and was excused from assembly line duty.  Just for this time.  He did volunteer (ahem!) to taste one of those yummy cheese sandwiches while running out the door with his coffee. 

Dropped off the lunches at the TASK, and arrived on time at work for a change (The magic of summer – I am almost as delighted as the girls that they are home, and I am not scrambling around in the mornings with a million lists running through my mind.).

Now, if I could only get this going on a “once a month” basis.  After all, that was what was on the bucket list.  Hmmm… maybe I should ramp it up and have friends over to help assemble the lunches.  After all, when paati used to make appalams and karudams in the house (OMG, what a horrendous large scale seemingly never-ending activity), there was always a bunch of other paatis and maamis sitting around chatting and laughing, making the hard work seem almost secondary to all the socializing. 

So, friends in NJ (and other ambitious friends in the tri-state area who don’t mind a little drive through our scenic countryside) — drop me a line if you are interested in joining us in mid-July to pack more lunches to benefit the TASK.  We’ll have piping hot masala chai and chaat (and most important – chat about the people that didn’t show up). 😉


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