Bucket List Update

I wrote about my bucket list back in March.  Made some progress on four items on that list:

  • Do game night and movie night with friends at least once a month:  Well.  Haven’t done game night per se in a while.  Does sitting around the kitchen table with friends drinking buckets of masala chai, chomping on munchies of untold calorific value, and discussing issues of national importance (I won’t tell you what those are) count? 
  • Make a scrapbook for a loved one: Made N a scrapbook for his 39th birthday.  He was BLOWN AWAY!  I had reached out to his close friends – all the way from kindergarten to grad school, and to his extended family (and some of my family that knew him quite well) and asked them to write a few words to him or about him.  And boy, did they come up with some v. entertaining stories – especially his friends from school and college!  Thanks again to everyone that wrote (given the relatively short notice) – and wrote very thoughtful pieces at that.  I know that N regards that scrapbook as one of the best things he’s received ever.  Could not have done better if I had agreed to buy that car he’s had his eye on for a while.
  • Stand underneath a waterfall.
  • Ride a zipline through a forest.

Ok, I lied.  Haven’t done those last two yet.  But I am going to be able to do “orrey kallula rendu manga” before the end of the year.  You know, a long time back, I translated this verbatim to a Caucasian colleague as “let’s get two mangoes with one stone” when I meant to say “two birds with one stone” (Which in itself is pretty wild, come to think of it.  I mean, who talks like that anymore?).  Anyway, after the well-deserved weird look that I got for bringing up mangoes totally out of context in mid-winter in a non-tropical place to Caucasian lady, I haven’t used the manga analogy in a while.  But this time it really is relevant, I assure you.  I am v. close to riding a zipline all the way to a waterfall and standing underneath it, just like I told you I would.  Costa Rica trip is coming up soon, woohooo!! 🙂

Actually, not soon enough for me – we still have months to go.  But we have bought our tickets and all, so I will just have to remember to be Zen-like and enjoy the oppportunity to exercise delayed gratification.  And read delicious travelogues about CR to pass the intervening time. 

Hmmm… actually considering adding “Learn Spanish before CR trip” to the bucket list.  Will keep me busy and out of trouble, and maybe I will write a whole blog post in Spanish before the end of the year! 

¿Qué opinas?


13 thoughts on “Bucket List Update

  1. The scrapbook idea sounds really great! As does CR….have fun..are you going to hit both coasts? snorkeling or scuba planned? give updates on the vacation planning..i will live it vicariously..heehee…

    • D – I had dropped you a note asking you to write an entry for the scrapbook!! I wondered later if you (and P) possibly didn’t get my note. But first, thought you guys were totally blowing me off (Not really. Thought you must have been really really busy, actually.). Going only to the Pacific coast. Waaaay too much to see in CR… Also, then we’ll have to go back later for the Carribean side, no? 🙂 Haven’t done much planning yet. Given that we have a few months to go, you are going to be driven to “porum porum” with my detailed raving here about CR planning.

      • One memory of him (too late for the scrapbook, but see if he remembers) that has stayed through the years: when I was at Penn state, I visited Karadi and we drove down to see Nara (who doing an internship at a chemical company in upstate NY) and then down to NJ to see Doobs. While driving we were listening to the radio and there was a song (by Bryan Adams, I think, but I can’t remember for sure) and after listening to it, N says, “every time I hear this song, I feel like getting down on my knees and proposing to Kavi all over again.” After a some moments of dead silence in the car, I looked at Nara, he had this misty faraway look in his eyes. It was not what he said, as much as the tone and feeling with which he said it, that has stayed with me. You’re one lucky gal for sure, missy!

      • Haven’t been to CR yet. Belize and CR are on my vacation list (along with Tahiti, Aus/NZ, Greece, Aleutian isl, Egypt, galapagos, andaman/nicobar, canary isl)…oh dear, there are sometimes when I wish the kids would get to their teens quicker (and Aravind will be over his allergies) so we could travel more..heehee!

  2. I’ve come to discover that game-nighters are a rare breed, Can’t find too many around, but I’m still looking. They are usually tucked in pretty deep under layers of munching-late-into-the-night-chatters.
    Standing underneath a waterfall – reminds me of a vacation I once went with friends to Konai falls – sheer bliss !

    CR sounds wonderful you vacation-hoppers ! Buena Suerte !!

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