Eat Pray Love

Watched this thought-provoking movie over the weekend.  Yes, I am aware it was released a couple of years ago.  But, things – especially, “grown-up” movies – come slowly to my world.  Noted with great satisfaction that it’s not just me – even Julia Roberts ages noticeably in 15 years (watch “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Eat Pray Love” back to back and you’ll know what I am talking about).  Have to admit, I was quite taken with Eat Pray Love.  My friend A has offered to loan me the book – Can’t wait to see how it reads!  I could somehow identify with JR’s Liz Gilbert – the woman who travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia in an attempt to “find herself”.  As you know, I am pretty new-agey these days.  Although I am not particularly trying to find myself (What, I am right here, aren’t I?), I am acutely aware that I am indeed searching for something.  Inner peace? Mindfulness? My car keys? What is that elusive thing that I am searching for? Hmmm… I wish I could tell you, but I haven’t pinned it down yet.

One thing in the movie especially caught my attention – the concept of “what’s your word?” Liz’s friend in Italy explains to her that every city and every person has a word.  For example, New York is “Achieve”.  On my drive to work yesterday (yes, that fantastic idle time when I get most of my ideas for my blog posts), I asked myself “what’s my word?” I immediately had my answer – “Mom”.  I really believe that’s true.  I identify more with being a mom than I ever thought possible – every action of mine is somehow inextricably linked with the girls.  Which begs the question – What was I before the girls came along? A “no-worder”?  Hmmm… mildly disturbing, no?  When N came back from work, I asked him what his word was.  He had watched the movie with me, so even totally out of context, he knew what the heck I was talking about.  Pat came his reply – “Work”.  That too, I know, is true.  I don’t know of another person that works harder than or enjoys their work as much as N (Well, at least, not in this household).

In the spirit of too many questions today, I will leave you with one more.  To make sure you answer truthfully, you MUST pick the first answer that crosses your mind.  Share it here with me if you feel brave enough. 🙂

What’s YOUR word?


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